Opening times

Full Day sessions


Morning and Afternoon sessions

8AM-1PM & 1PM-6PM (Fordell Firs)
8AM-1PM (Abercorn)

Short Day sessions

8AM-4PM (Fordell Firs & Abercorn)
9AM-3PM (Abercorn)

We are now working in partnership with Fife Council  to provide 1140 hours of funded child care to all eligible 3 to 5 year olds. 

** We hope to work in partnership with West Lothian and City of Edinburgh Councils  in order to offer 1140 funded hours for eligible children attending Little Bugs at Abercorn. **

We have a minimum attendance policy. Fordell Firs is x3 half day sessions or x2 longer sessions per week. Abercorn x2 sessions per week. 

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