Little Bugs

our Ethos

The Little Bugs setting allows children to learn through play by using the woodlands and the great outdoors to spark imagination, investigation, and appropriate challenge for each individual child. We promote a growth mind set, understanding that resilience is a skill that should be encouraged from an Early age. Our Visions and Values align with the SHANARRI indicators as well as the Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) Framework set by the Scottish Government.​

Learning in the great outdoors

At Little Bugs we give children access to environments and experiences which are unique to being outdoors. Little Bugs offers opportunities for physical activity. We offer outdoor space both outward and upward, places to explore, experiment and discover whilst ensuring ongoing mental and physical development. In providing this type of setting our aim is to ensure that we are providing children with a safe, active and healthy environment to grow and learn in.

Building Nurturing relationships with the whole nursery community

We want Little Bugs to be a friendly, fun and welcoming place. It will be a place where everyone is welcome to join in outdoor activities during stay and play sessions. All family members are invited to make suggestions for improvements through our Big Bugs parent platform.. The door will be open for parents and carers to discuss their children's progress throughout their child’s time at Little Bugs. Little Bugs nursery is somewhere in which children are excited to come and want to play and learn in a safe and free environment. Our Little Bugs staff will receive ongoing training, ensuring that they are up to date with the most recent educational advancements. Our aim is to ensure that all children are nurtured and feel happy to express their feelings and enjoy their time with our team. We will achieve this by having key workers who get to know each child as an individual. We will build relationships on trust and encourage a growth mindset as we know this is the best way for a child to become confident and resilient individuals.

Learning through Play

The Little Bugs nursery setting allows children to play and learn using natural resources which develops a good understanding and respect for nature and the environment. These natural resources allow children to develop effective problem solving skills and nurture creativity. Our aim is to provide rich opportunities for developing imagination, inventefulness and resourcefulness. We will deliver this by supporting child led activities ensuring our children are learning through their own interests. Outdoor experiences allow children to take calculated risks. Curiosity means they are willing to investigate the surroundings,whilst identifying and overcoming individual challenges. This style of learning will ensure that our children continuously achieve whilst gaining a sense of responsibility.


We encourage all children to meet their full potential and support them to recognise their own levels of achievement. We scaffold all our little bugs throughout their learning journey as we believe this creates resilience and a love of learning. We know that with will lead our little bugs to be confident individuals with the essential skills to overcome any obstacle.